Our Consultation Services assist attorneys and/or divorce mediators with professional assistance regarding understanding and drafting of plan-specific Settlement Agreement language, the division of specific retirement plans, stipulation/QDRO review, and/or the resolution of issues related to an existing stipulation/QDRO (we cannot provide legal or tax advice).

We require a $300 retainer fee (payable in advance) for the first hour of consultation. This hour includes the preparation time needed for us to review the available documents and the time spent consulting via phone or Zoom. If additional time is required beyond the first hour, an invoice will be sent upon the completion of consultation services billed at $150 per hour, pro-rated in 15-minute increments.

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We periodically offer webinars to matrimonial attorneys and/or divorce mediators to discuss QDRO basics, update you on retirement plan changes, and provide tools that can help you in the preparation of property settlement agreements. Contact us at 718-697-0100 to obtain information regarding upcoming webinars.


We offer free seminars to matrimonial/family law firms (must have at least 10 attendees in order to schedule a seminar). We can provide you with the latest insights and knowledge regarding the distribution of retirement benefits.


Do you need personalized attention or one-on-one time with our pension experts? Matrimonial attorneys and/or divorce mediators can schedule a phone or Zoom consultation to discuss the specifics of a matrimonial action. Click here to open a new consultation case.